Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year, New Kitchen

One of the most exciting things that's slated to happen (to me) in 2008 is that I will - finally - have a kitchen again! I was just upstairs talking with Virginia (the architect) and Steve (the contractor). Apparently most of my appliances will be working tomorrow. We won't have countertops for a week or so (we're getting very black granite), but as long as we have plywood, I can deal.

I am very sure I've never been so excited to just have a dishwasher again.

It's unfinished and full of tools, but here's what we've got right now:

Looking into the kitchen from the doorway out of the living room. The big white building in the backyard is our garage - currently without siding, as it's being resided to match the house. Also, the stove is actually stainless (the white is the plastic wrap) and will, soon, have a stainless chimney hood above it and stainless tiles as a backsplash.

The kitchen from the dining room. The back of the island will be covered with a wood panel. And the window above the sink will, soon, be an actual window, not just a view of the back of the house wrap...

This is the view from the kitchen into the dining room, currently filled with tools and other construction accoutrements. Very, very open...

We still have a ways to go on the overall project even after the kitchen is finished (our master bathroom is framed out and insulated, but that's it). But for me, once I can cook again, I think my life is going to feel like my own once more.

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