Monday, January 14, 2008

Even Trendier: Gael Greene's 2008 Forecast

I wish I hadn't missed this when I wrote my "food trends for 2008" post last week.

Gael Greene, the outrageously saucy NYC restaurant critic (seriously - in her book, she tells a story about sleeping with ELVIS when she was like 20), makes predictions that are funny...but they just might come true. I mean, tell me this doesn't seem possible:
Maca elixir, distilled from the high Andes Peruvian fungus (already sold at Walmart) will be the new unisex wonder herb. How can it miss? Described as an energizer, sex drive stimulant and stamina builder, as well as the answer to female hot flashes and night sweats, mixologists are already shaking up Maca Wacka cocktails and Macatinis. Starbucks will feature maca toffee latte by March.

Sigh. Funny because it's true. Right there, that summarizes everything that makes me roll my eyes about foodies.

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