Friday, January 18, 2008

Chef Hazing

On the James Beard Foundation web site, Lesley Balla writes about the time-honored tradition of new chef hazing.

The antics are slowing down, as business environments across the board clean it up, but there's obviously still a fraternity-like feel to many kitchens. It's an interesting article. Funny, if you like stories about other people's discomfort. I know I do.

Plus, it's got some Baltimore love. Jason Ambrose of Salt is quoted!


Lesley said...

Thanks for linking to the story, Kit. I actually used to live in Baltimore and worked with Jason a long, long time ago. We had a good laugh over the time he and the evil kitchen (I say only with loe now) at John Stevens used to try and "break" the servers. They had a chart! Good times.

(now LA-based) Lesley

Kit Pollard said...

Oh -that is funny. I haven't been to John Stevens in a few years, but I've had some good dinners there...

I hope you've gotten a chance to come out to Bmore to go to Salt. It's pretty great. I don't know anybody who doesn't like it (except the protesters, but really, I think they just add drama and intrigue.)


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