Friday, February 17, 2006

Wine, Cheese...and Research

My brother just sent me a link to this Slate article that neatly ties up several of my intense interests: eating, drinking and researching. Unbeknownst to me, The New Scientist recently published an article on the results of a UC-Davis study on the compatibility of red wine and cheese. According to the article, cheese makes red wine worse, not better, as commonly believed.

However. Slate finds that the New Scientist article overly simplified the original study's findings. Apparently cheese can dull certain aspects of red wine - tannins and acidity - but it doesn't make it categorically worse.

Now, I didn't know about the New Scientist article in the first place, but I certainly am relieved to hear that drinking red wine with cheese isn't about to become some ghastly faux pas. Because I like it.

And the last thing I need is to start getting too intellectual and researchy about my libations.

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Mona said...

That's so! Going to read that article right now.


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