Wednesday, February 08, 2006

So Proud

Sometimes I feel like the most talented chef alive. These moments are short-lived, naturally, but they are glorious.

I wasn't sure how the bacon jalapeno wraps would turn out, so I also planned to take a brie wrapped in puff pastry to Sarah and Doug's Superbowl party...because everyone always loves brie. At the last minute, I had a burst of creativity, along with a few leftover scraps of pastry. This was the result:

Originally uploaded by Kit Pollard.

Truly, I amaze myself. Sometimes.

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Mona said...

Very cute. Nice job!!
THe only XL I managed to put together was an XL in pastry over my brie en croute. It was so silly really, I wanted to use the leftover dough and just decided it'd be a great topper. You'd be amazed at how people were blown away at this party I went to. You'd think personally made the brie myself!


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