Friday, January 20, 2006

Ray-Ray vs. M.Diddy: Battle of the Domestic Divas

"Has Rach been tagged in as the next Martha?"

A chill shoots down my spine. Yesterday, my friend Joyce emailed me to ask my opinion on the new Rachael Ray magazine. I could only tell her the truth: while I've seen the magazine on the rack at Barnes & Noble, it would be against my personal principles to purchase, or even open it. I realize that most good researchers, or even bloggers, would at least look at something before condemning it, but apparently I am not very good. There are few TV personalities I find as annoying as the lovely Rach. And none with more grating voices.

But, like her or not, she's building herself a bit of an empire. Somebody out there must like her. Somebody watches her shows. Joyce subscribed to her magazine (though in her defense, Joyce does offer this critique:
I'm not huge fan of Rachael, but not totally opposed as some folks are. I
found the magazine a tad too perky. Too many sign-offs by Rach (yes, she refers
to herself as Rach) and lingering far too long on her wedding. I'm excited that
she's excited about the shindig and probably some editor told her that's what
her fans wanted, but a little goes a long way (more wedding recipes are promised
next month.) Not so sure Rach alone can carry this one, I don't think she
has enough depth. A few 30 minute meals and random dinners with celebs does not
make 10 issues.
She reads it, so we don't have to.

I have to be honest. The Martha comparison worries me a little. Except that there's a reason why Martha's famous: she's got skills. Martha is like the MacGyver of the kitchen and garden hutch - she can create things with a drill and a spool of twine that I couldn't even find to buy on the Internet. Again, Joyce's thoughts:
Martha has attitude, she's more of a package deal. I can't be
Martha, but I could go head to head with Rachel most nights with little effort.

And we know we're not the only ones. As I was contemplating this post, I happened to click on Bitchin' in the Kitchen with Rosie, who's got her own thoughts about the Ray-Ray "phenomenon" and how it relates to the Food Network-driven image of the sanitized, skinny American chef. And these people...well...they're after my own heart.

At least there's still sanity out there somewhere.

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Gourmetish said...

I don't blame you. I was sort of outraged by the discovery of her new magazine. And t-shirts that say "Got EVOO?". Hmph. I only watch it to make fun of her. Not that she's the worst thing on the food network--but I agree with your point of view. I see why people like her--but she doesn't deserve an empire!


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