Saturday, January 21, 2006

Amazing Online Resource

I might be late to the game here, but I just found the Kalustyan's web site from a mention in this month's Saveur. Wow. The magazine specifically mentions that you can order fresh kaffir lime leaves from the site ($3.99 for a 15 gram package, which sounds awfully reasonable to me). I'm now one tiny step closer to decent homemade panang curry. Yeah!


Cate said...

Definitely one of my favorite stops when we visit NYC - great spices at fantastic prices.

Jamaila said...

If desperation truly overcame you, and you had a south-facing window handy, you could just buy your own dwarf kaffir lime tree from Four Winds Growers. I've been drooling over their Meyer lemon trees for a few days now.

Found you through Blog Baltimore, incidentally. :) Hi.


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