Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ringing in the New Year

Posting will be light (read: nonexistent) for the rest of the weekend, as I prepare for our big New Year's celebration which, in reality, will not actually be so big. Last year Cooper and I had a big party, but this year we're keeping it low key. A few friends are coming over for dinner, even bringing dishes (which normally stresses me out, but today I am totally cool with), then we're heading to the wine bar (officially known as Grand Cru) for midnight.

We're keeping dinner (fairly) simple, which should be nice. I'm making Barefoot's cheese straws (no recipe online, unfortunately) and French Laundry's Parmesan crisps with goat cheese mousse, and Alicia and Mike are bringing a marinated cheese to serve with drinks. Alison and Sean are bringing an apple, walnut and Stilton salad to start, and our main course will be crab cakes with three sauces (maybe - I'll see how today goes - might be one sauce), grilled London broil, scalloped potatoes and Alicia's asparagus with hollandaise. And Alison's providing dessert.

Suzanne and Clancy and Alicia and Mike are all bringing wine, plus we're going to break open one of our bottles of Veuve Clicquot - between our wedding (a year and a half ago) and our birthdays, we've gotten a few as gifts. We've been hesitant to drink them, but really, what's the point of having good wine if you're never going to drink it? And what's a better "special occasion" than New Year's Eve dinner with good friends?

Hopefully I'll remember to take lots and lots of pictures...and hopefully none of them will be disaster shots. More to follow...

Happy New Year!

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