Thursday, December 08, 2005

Merry Christmas, Hon

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We went to the see the lights last night in Hamden (more pictures here) - the Baltimore neighborhood made famous by John Waters. "The Lights" mainly consists of one block of 34th street that takes Christmas decoration to a new level, and has since the late 1940s.

Going to see the lights is a pretty fantastic community experience. Last night it wasn't so crowded, probably because it's still early in December, but in past years it's been so packed walking down the street is as slow and methodical as walking past the Mona Lisa, or some other great, but too famous, work of art. This year we flew through - it was a little too quick. We stopped in all the right places - visited the artist's studio, walked up to the porch and signed the guestbook at the last house, etc. - but we still made the loop in about 20 minutes.

Regardless, it was fun. There was snow on the ground, lots of houses on the surrounding streets were decked out, and overall the evening was very festive.

And since this is a blog about food...I should also mention that though we didn't eat anything, we had drinks before and after at the bar at Cafe Hon, a Hamden landmark in it's own right. I should also mention, then, that the staff at Cafe Hon couldn't be nicer, that they had a highly entertaining Irish band (the traditional type, with a bunch of old school instruments), that Lindsey's hot chocolate looked amazing, and that our drinks were cheap, cheap, cheap.

Overall, a very satisfying, Christmassy, Baltimore night.

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