Monday, December 12, 2005

Delicious and Chocolatey

With my and Cooper's 30th birthday festivities kicking off this weekend (today is Cooper's birthday), I entered phase 2 of my holiday cooking and celebrating. I cooked and ate a TON of great food this weekend. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of most of it. So you'll just have to trust me: the chocolate-rasberry cake with ganache and the onion confit-laced scalloped potatoes turned out nicely.

I did, however, remember to photo-document my first foray into candy making. Using Barefoot Contessa's simple recipe, I made hazelnut truffles. Here they are in a pretty cellophane bag, all wrapped up to give to my friend Sarah:

Originally uploaded by Kit Pollard.

I think of candy as very difficult to make, so I was pleasantly surprised by how easy these were. The flavor is dark and intense - as good as they were, I couldn't eat two in a row.

It was a great first try, though, even if I did end up smearing chocolate all over myself and my kitchen.

Later this week: massive cookie baking.

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