Friday, November 04, 2005

Something Else about Wednesday's Dinner

I can't look at the picture in the last post without thinking about the plates themselves. My mom's had those plates since I was little - sometime in elementary school. She bought them at the Dansk outlet that used to be on the way from our house to Ocean City, MD. Since I grew up with them, white plates with narrow blue rims always seemed like standard issue to me, so much so that when I got dishes for my first apartment, they were white with blue rims (currently residing in my sister's house at college).

On a related note, just about a year ago, my brother made the comment that he thinks "china" is all supposed to look like my mom's china. I guess I do, too. Of course, now that's my china, too.

Which is why it's sort of interesting that when I registered for wedding presents, I didn't even consider white-with-blue for my dishes. Our everyday dishes are just plain white. I'm definitely happy with that decision - it makes the food look prettier, I can change the table, etc., etc. - but a small part of me feels a little guilty. Like I'm shunning my dinnerware roots.

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