Monday, October 17, 2005

The Steaks

cereillo steaks
Originally uploaded by Kit Pollard.

With the potatoes and salad under control, I got myself ready to go. During that time, Cooper spent a little time with the steaks - beautiful dry aged rib steaks from Cereillo, the Italian butcher. When I bought them, I asked the butcher how he'd prepare them for the grill. "I'm a salt and pepper guy," he said, "but the best grilled steaks I've had used this seasoning."

He pointed to a jar of seasoning, full of grayish sea salt and Italianish herbs (rosemary, oregano, etc.). I trusted him, and bought it. And he was SO right.

Not only were the steaks perfectly cooked (nice job, Cooper), the seasoning was perfect. It didn't overpower, just enhanced, and the flavor was fantastic.

God, I love red meat.

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