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You Shot It. Now What? How to Cook Quail, Venison and Other Maryland Game. (Taste, December 2017)
Recipes for a Maryland-Inspired Thanksgiving (Taste, November 2017)
The Pawpaw, a Little Known Native Fruit, Is Making a Comeback in Baltimore (Taste, November 2017)
At Home with Deborah Weiner (Baltimore at Home, September 2017)
Uncorked Potential: Maryland's Wine Industry Grows Thanks to Technology and Collaboration (Taste, August, 2017)
Hot Spots: Restaurants Create Elaborate Outdoor Seating (Taste, July 2017)
Summer Crush: How a Beach Beverage Became Baltimore's Unofficial Drink of the Season (Taste, June 2017)
Home Plates: Camden Yards' Bring Your Own Food Policy (Taste, May 2017)
The Stories Behind Thrasher's and Other Iconic Beach Foods (Beach Guide, May 2017)
Columbia's Maryland Homebrew Has Nurtured Amateur Beermakers for 25 Years (Howard, May 2017)
Baltimore Home Was Filming Location for the Wire (Real Estate, March 2017)
Fire Features and Functionality among Hot Outdoor Living Trends (Baltimore at Home, March 2017)
Copper Reigns as the Home Decor Metal of the Moment (Baltimore at Home, March 2017)
Baltimore Gains Hawaiian Eateries as Poke Trend Takes Hold (Taste, February 2017)
Baltimore's Craft Hot Sauce Makers Are on Fire (Taste, January 2017)
Ellicott City's One Dish Cuisine Draws Diners from All Across the Country (Health and Style, December 2016)
Culinary History Events Offer Insight into How Food Shapes Our Lives, Region (Taste, September 2016)
Baltimore's Wine Professionals Hit the Books - and the Bottles (Taste, August, 2016)
Outdoor Rooms for Dining, Entertaining Grow in Popularity (Real Estate, August 2016)
Fast-Casual Pizza Brands Vie for a Slice of the Baltimore Market (Taste, June 2016)
Baltimore Ice Cream Makers Appeal to Adult Tastes (Taste, May 2016)
Essential Ocean City: 50 Things Every Visitor Must Experience (Beach Guide 2016)
New in O.C. (Beach Guide 2016)
Ocean City FAQ (Beach Guide 2016)
Maryland's Public Gardens Can Provide a Wealth of Inspiration for Home Gardeners (Real Estate, May 2016)
Special Release Foods and Beers abound at Baltimore Events (Taste, April 2016)
Russian, Polish, More Flavors Fuse at Baltimore's Eastern European Markets (Taste, March 2016)
Mezcal's Moment (Taste, February 2016)
Baltimore's Middle Eastern Grocers Offer Ingredients as Diverse as the Region (Taste, January 2016)
Teen Makes University of Maryland Cheerleading Squad after Beating Rare Liver Cancer (Health and Style, January 2016)
Italian Groceries in Baltimore Shine at the Holidays and Beyond (Taste, December 2015)
White House Holiday Decor Gets Help from Sparks Landscape Designer (Real Estate, December 105)
Book by Neuroscientist Explains Science of Tickling, Pain, Pleasure (Health and Style, November 2015)
Meet the Men behind Lost Ark (Howard, November 2015)
Dishing on Dishes (Howard and Life and Travel, November 2015)
Local Artists to Check Out at This Years' Holiday Markets (Wknd, November 2015)
Where to Find Greek Food, Ingredients in Baltimore (Taste, November 2015)
Local Artisans Create Something New from Something Old (Life and Travel, November 2015)
15 Perfect Fall Outings in the Baltimore Area (Wknd, October 2015)
10 Great Fall Farm Experiences in the Baltimore Area (Wknd, October 2015)
Fells Point Cafe Caters to Dogs with Treats, Meals (Lifestyle, October 2015)
50 Best Restaurants (Dining Guide, October 2015 / contributor)
10 to Follow (Dining Guide, October 2015)
Local Cleaning Company Eases Cancer Patients' Load (Life and Travel, October 2015)
At World Peace Cafe, Dinner Comes with a Side of Serenity (Taste, September 2015)
Currying Favor at Baltimore's Indian Groceries (Taste, September 2015)
How a Baltimore County Schoolhouse Became a Charming Family Home (Home and Garden, August 2015)
Shopping for Afro-Caribbean Ingredients in Baltimore (Taste, August 2015)
Teachers Offer Some Insider Lessons for Parents as School Looms (Life and Travel, August 2015)
What Parents Need to Know about Kids, Sports and Concussions (Health and Style, August 2015)
Making Kefir at Home Is Easy, Healthy (Taste, August 2015)
Cheese Mongering Gets Serious (Taste, July 2015)
Parents-to-Be Must Decide What to Do with Baby's Cord Blood (Health and Style, July 2015)
Latin Flavor at Area Markets (Taste, July 2015)
A 'New' Old Home in Roland Park (Real Estate, June 2015)
101 Days and Nights in Baltimore (Contributed to special section, June 2015)
Baltimore-Area Asian Groceries Offer Chance to Change Up Meals at Home (Taste, May 2015)
The O.C. from A to Z (Beach Guide, May 2015)
The Barkeeps' Bars: Local Mixologists Share Their Favorites (Life and Travel, May 2015)
20 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Preakness Experience (Wkndr, May 2015)
Baltimore Author Has New Julia Child Book for Children (Life and Travel, April 2015)
He Said Yes! What Happens When the Woman Proposes (Life and Travel, March 2015)
Peruvian Food Gains Popularity in Maryland (Taste, March 2015)
Olive Oil Tasting Events around Baltimore (Taste, March 2015)
Local Kinderhook Snack Company Feels Baltimore's Love (Taste, February 2015)
McCormick Enlists Experts across the Globe to Influence Your Next Meal (Taste, January 2015)
Baltimore Chefs Share Holiday Recipes (Sun magazine, November 2014)
Downtown Frederick's Shopping Scene is the Perfect Find (Life and Travel, November 2014)
Secrets to Extravagant Entertaining (Life and Travel, November 2014)
Remembering the Redwood Grill (Taste, November 2014)
Keeping the Wedding Party Going and Going (Life and Travel, October 2014)
Advances in Breast Reconstruction after Cancer (Health and Style, October 2014)
Columbia Grandmother Powerlifts Her Way to International Recognition (Health and Style, September 2014)
Chefs Bond While Giving Back (Taste section, August 27, 2014)
Mini Mani Pedi: Spas Try Catering to a Much Younger Clientele (Scene section, August 7, 2014)
New Ways of Pouring Wine Allow for More Variety and Experimentation (Taste section, July 9, 2014)
Throwing a Summer Party That's Both Hot and Cool (Scene section, June 29, 2014)
Eating, Shucking and Loving the Chesapeake Oyster (Taste section, June 11, 2014)
The Old R Month Rule (Taste section, June 11, 2014)
Bay Oysters Find a New Market (Taste section, June 4, 2014)
A Brief History of Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay (Taste section, June 4, 2014)
10 Ocean City Alternatives in the Baltimore Area (LIVE section, May 22, 2014)
Ocean City: What's New at the Beach (Travel section, May 19, 2014)
Paddleboarding Event Helps Hopewell Cancer (Health and Style section, May 15, 2014)
Wood Floors Grow in Popularity as Options Expand (Real Estate section, April 30, 2014)
Homes That Pass the Sniff Test (Real Estate section, April 5, 2014)
Class of the Month: Rev 60 Zen (Health and Style section, March 6, 2014)
Happy Animals, Local Meat (Taste section, February 19, 2014)
Stories from the Heart (Health and Style section, February 13, 2014)
Professional Organizers Help Clients Keep It Together (Real Estate section, January 25, 2014)
Holiday Gifts of Health and Wellness (Health and Style section, December 12, 2013)
Gumdrop Decor (Taste section, December 11, 2013)
Class of the Month: FitWall (Health and Style section, December 4, 2013)
AEDs on the Sidelines (Health and Style section, November 21, 2013)
Renovation Project Brings Couples Together (Real Estate section, November 14, 2013)
Fire It Up: Get Cooking Outside with Locally Quarried Stone (Real Estate section, November 9, 2013)
Celebrating Diwali with Lights and Sweets (Taste section, October 30, 2013)
Wheelchair Marathoner Tatyana McFadden Goes for a Grand Slam (Health and Style section, October 24, 2013)
Class of the Month: Bokwa (Health and Style section, October 17, 2013)
Drunken Botanist Event at the Cylburn Arboretum (Taste section, October 9, 2013)
Work Out for a Good Cause (Health and Style section, October 3, 2013)
TVs Becoming More Common in Restaurants, Bu Some Are Bucking the Trend (Taste section, September 25, 2013)
Barns, Reborn As Stylish Places to Live (Real Estate section, September 21, 2013)
Under Armour Designer Climbs World's Highest Mountains to Help Rescue Kids from Poverty (Health and Style section, September 12, 2013)
Boating Bounces Back - with Luxury Appeal as Well (Scene section, August 26, 2013) 
Baltimore's First Family of Martial Arts Teaches Life Lessons along with Strength (Health and Style section, August 22, 2013)
Where to Get Your Bike Fit in the Baltimore Area (Health and Style section, July 25, 2013)
Up on the Roof: Baltimore's Best Decks are Sky High (Real Estate section, July 18, 2013)
Lottery Pools in Workplace Require Caution (Sunrise section, July 15, 2013)
Stay Healthy by Treating Gardening Like a Sport (Health and Style section, July 3, 2013)
Marathon Man Goes for Race 100 on Continent No. 7 (Health and Style section, June 20, 2013)
Icky or Delicious? Maryland's Complicated Relationship with Soft-Shell Crabs (Taste section, June 5, 2013)
Old School Crab Recipes (Taste section, May 29, 2013)
For Graduation Parties, an Intimate Touch (Scene section, May 26, 2013)
5 Day Trips from Ocean City, Maryland (Beach Guide, May 2013)
Crabs 101 - including multiple sidebars (Taste section, May 22, 2013)
Baltimore-Area Outfitters Rent Out Bikes Canoes, Paddleboards and More (Health and Style section, April 25, 2013)
For a Price, Having Time in Their Lives (Scene section, April 15, 2013)
Baltimore Farmers' Market and Bazaar, New Finds and Friendly Faces (Taste section, April 3, 2013)
Pranking on April Fools' Day (Sunrise section, April 1, 2013)
Senior Centers Turn to Brain Aerobics Classes (Health and Style section, March 7, 2013)
Sushi Students Are Ready to Roll (Taste section, February 20, 2013)
Dad's Whimsical Take on Family Photographs (Sunrise section, February 11, 2013)
Celebrate the Ravens with a Big Easy-Influenced Super Bowl Party (Taste section, January 30, 2013)
Flu 411: What Everyone Needs to Know (Health and Style section, January 17, 2013)
Vending Machines Focus on Healthier Snacks (Health and Style section, January 3, 2013)
Same Sex Couples Break from, Cling to, Wedding Traditions (Scene section, December 30, 2012)
Sculpting Sweet Somethings (Taste section, December 18, 2012)
Miss Sue Feeds the Hungry on Thanksgiving - and Every Day (Taste section, November 21, 2012)
Baltimore Bakeries Offer Those with Celiac Disease Some Tasty Holiday Dessert Options (Health and Style section, November 14, 2012)
Made in Maryland: Sean O'Harra's Furniture Gives Reclaimed Materials a Relaxed Edge (At Home section, November 8, 2012)
Memorable Parties Mixed Refined with Relaxed (Scene section, November 4, 2012)
Getting Used to Cooking with Them Bones (Taste section, October 31, 2012)
By Forgoing Vaccines, Adults Leave Themselves Vulnerable to Diseases and Viral Infections (Health and Style section, October 17, 2012)
Best Places to Kayak Near Baltimore (Health and Style section, October 11, 2012)
White Rooms Are White Hot (At Home section, September 27, 2012)
Runners' Top 12 Trails (Health and Style section, August 30, 2012)
School Lunches Packed with Flavor (Taste section, August 29, 2012)
Frozen Yogurt Gets a New Twist (Taste section, July 27, 2012)
Get Schooled on Pool Safety by Lifeguards Who Have Seen It All (Health and Style section, July 3, 2012)
Creameries Churn Out Ice Cream with Local Flavor (Taste section, June 26, 2012)

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