Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blushy & Lushy

Illustration by Hayley Thornton-Kennedy. Source.
I wish this Food and Wine article about pink wine personality was a quiz - because I have loved quizzes forever, since even before I was scratching up the multiple choice questions in the back pages of YM.

But even just as a list, I like it.

For one thing, it's a good reminder that it will, one day, soon enough, be rose season again. That's helpful to know, what with the snow on the ground and all.

For another, it points out that not every rose is exactly the same. Our standard go-to pinks - Provencal but cheap - aren't exactly on the list (Provence is there...but the pricier stuff).

But the wines that do appear on the list are pretty interesting. While I'm unlikely to go down the white zin road anytime soon, I see some pink txakoli in my future. (I'm already a fan of Basque wines - we had a few bottles of red Gorrondona Txakolina at La Cuchara last November and I was sold.)

But mostly, I like it because it reminded me, right off, of that time, over five years ago now, when Cooper and I drank some Domaine Ott - the fanciest of the roses - and were kind of unimpressed. It was at a Dogwood wine dinner and while we liked it, it definitely didn't seem worth the price tag. Perhaps I am a plebe.

Whether or not we were sufficiently enthused by the wine's flavor, drinking it is a great memory of a dinner that was both delicious and a blast. There was a lot of laughing that night - there always was, at those Dogwood dinners.

Which, in the end, reminds me of what I love best about rose. More than any other wine, it seems to always come with a whole lot of laughter.

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