Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stuff I Love: Papercuts and Pressed Flowers

Pretty papercut and flower pic courtesy of Annie Howe
I love pretty, intricate things, so it's no surprise that I am all about both papercuts and flower arrangements. They both involve close attention to detail and a straight up appreciation for beauty.

Here in Baltimore, we have some wonderful people who not only make these pretty things, they teach other people how to make them, too. So generous!

On February 11th, Annie Howe, of Annie Howe Papercuts, is teaming up with plant designer Liz Vayda from B. Willow for a papercutting and pressed flower arranging workshop at Trohv.

If you haven't seen either of their work, check them out right now. What they do is really special.

I talked to Annie about what she loves about being a papercut artist and teaching workshops like this one. "It gives me a chance to connect with people on a personal level and help build appreciation for papercutting and the many exciting possibilities it has artistically," she says.

She's especially excited about collaborating with Liz - their joint workshop is something new and promises to be really cool - and about hosting the workshop at Trohv, which she says is a great place for a class. Of course she loves Trohv. Who doesn't?!

The ticket price includes the instruction, of course, but also all the supplies and framing materials you'll need - and workshop attendees will also get a 15% discount at Trohv before the event.

Plus, there will be cocktails and snacks. Everyone loves cocktails and snacks. And flowers. And paper!

Papercutting and Pressed Flower Arranging Workshop with Annie Howe Papercuts and B. Willow Interior Plant Design. February 11, 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Trohv, 921 West 36th Street, Hampden. $120. Buy tickets here.

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