Wednesday, September 02, 2015

So Many Aprons. So Little Time

I am powerless in the face of a slideshow like this one. Twenty seconds after I started clicking through, I'd already gotten myself to the West Elm site, where I bought the arrow apron in the picture. Even if the apron alone hadn't gotten me, the arrows would have. (I am a sorority girl at heart.)

But back to aprons. I love them. As anyone who has been to my house near dinnertime knows, I wear one every day. I am wearing one right now.

But here is something I don't understand: who wears half aprons? Why would you even do that? I mean, this one is adorable...but it's also $88 and I would still end up with crap all over my shirt. Who are these people who are able to cook and only  mess themselves up below the waist? I do not understand how they operate.

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