Thursday, August 13, 2015

VinePair Gets Me - and My Stars

I'm not sure when I first came across VinePair but I can tell you this: they know how to make me click on stuff.

Nothing they write is terribly complicated, but their reliance on maps and adorable drawings just does it for me. I can't resist. As much as I love longform writing...I can't get enough of their short-ish, focused and actually pretty smart approach to booze education.

Today's draw: this feature about what you should drink according to your Zodiac sign.

Though I am a totally rational adult, and someone who is super science and data-driven, and also someone who realizes that astrology is the opposite of science-y and data-y, I am also a complete horoscope junkie. It's embarrassing, but I love them.

So of course I loved reading that my Capricorn nature suggests I should drink ice wine. I'm not so sure about that - really, I think it means I should try making ice wine, not drinking it. But still, I get the point.

And I loved that Cooper should be drinking Malbec. Because, well, yes.

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