Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Place Card Games

This idea, from Food and Wine, has so inspired me:

For some great conversation starters, don’t write names on your place cards. Rather, write clues for each guest. For example: “Has encyclopedic knowledge of fried chicken" or "Traveled the farthest to get here.”

I am 100% doing this next time I have a sit-down dinner. Since dinners here usually involve the same 7-10 people, and they are all funny, funny friends who can take a joke, I am already laughing to myself about what the cards will say.

But why stop there? This opens up a whole new world of place card games. Riddles, word searches, crosswords, scavenger hunts. It's on. It's so on.


Xani said...

At a recent dinner party we did anagrams of everyone's names and wrote them on the chalkboard tablecloth as the place cards. It was a blast seeing everyone decode the anagrams and find their seats. Left lots of colored chalk on the table too, for doodling and games. So fun! If only I had blogged about it! :)

Kit Pollard said...

That's so fun! I have some chalkboard paper, too - a table runner that I bought with grand plans (that never materialized) for a fun kids' table. I need to use it!

I wish you ladies still blogged a lot!


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