Friday, December 19, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, with parties and out of town visitors and (around here, at least) tons of birthdays. It's festive and fun and definitely hectic.

This year, starting a bit before Thanksgiving, Cooper's parents' added another exciting activity into the mix - they bought a new house and sold the house they'd lived in for over 35 years. Just this week, they had to make the final push, clearing out the last few things they'd left in the hold house. And in 35 years, it's possible to accumulate...a lot.

Some of that stuff was destined for the dumpster. But other things made their way to our house - including the cool old Chanel bottle in the picture above. It's gigantic - that's a regular-sized candy cane - and filled with colored liquid, not actual perfume.

The bottle was part of a display from Hutzler's; my mother-in-law, Patsy, nabbed it back when she worked there in the seventies. (Another cool story from those days: she met Diane von Furstenburg, who gifted all the ladies working in her department with a wrap the very early days of those dresses).

Earlier this week, Patsy was ready to toss the bottle but Cooper saved it for me, knowing I'd love it. I don't wear a lot of perfume and when I do, it's Chanel. It's what my mom and grandmother wear for special to me, it smells like grown-ups going out for something fun (and babysitters for the kids). Is there anything better? More glamorous?

Even the bottle, with its classic lines and font, is gorgeous. This one might be a little worn down...but that's just the years of experience, right?

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theminx said...

A giant perfume bottle of colored water like that is called a factice. A cool thing to have, if you're a Chanel fan. (I wore Coco for NYE.)


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