Friday, March 28, 2014

Food and Wine's Newish Blog

When I get busy with work, I get way behind on my food-related reading. You should see the pile of magazines currently sitting in my basement. And forget about reading food blogs - that feels like a frivolity my schedule just can't handle. (Obviously, regular blogging here takes a hit, too.)

Lately, though, I've been making an exception for Food and Wine magazine's new blog FWx. I'm not sure exactly when it started (not that long ago, apparently) - I just know that a few weeks ago, I realized that all the Food and Wine Facebook links that interested me were heading over to this new website, which was really more of a blog, called FWx.

Apparently it's designed for Millennials but - considering I am in no way, shape or form a Millennial - it has broader appeal. Posts like this apple and coffee-tasting tutorial are what keep me interested. Informative, succinct, funny and actually useful.

Exactly the right size and style for a quick break between PowerPoint slides.

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