Friday, November 22, 2013


Cooper reminded me last night that I have never blogged about this, even though we've talked about it at length. Where has all the spicy horseradish sauce gone?

Seriously - I know I used to buy horseradish and it was spicy. There was a particular brand that was good - which I can no longer find and I can't remember the name, either. For the past year, every bottle I've bought has been subpar. It is really messing with my cocktail sauce-making prowess.

I guess I need to start ordering more powerful stuff from the internets but...that's annoying and requires advance planning. Yesterday, as I looked in the two spots where they keep the horseradish at Giant (because of course they split one niche product into two aisles), I saw a "mild" option. As though the others on the shelf were genuinely spicy.

And shouldn't horseradish sauce be spicy? Isn't that the point?

So here I am now, with cocktail sauce to make and only a couple bottles of weak horseradish in my fridge. It's not an enviable position, from a sauce standpoint.

Granted, this might be the worst thing that happens to me all day. Which does take some of the power out of my ability to rant. But still. I want the spicy!


Xani said...

I'm with you- where's the heat?? In my family we tell stories about the good old days of hot horseradish, one in particular about my great grandfather eating some, with a red face, tears running down his cheeks from the burn, choking out "this is good stuff!" Now it's hard to find anything with kick! Let me know if you find a good source. I know my Dad has occasionally gone so far as to grate his own right from the root. And there used to be a place that did fresh ground horseradish and coconut at the lexington market, but not sure it's still there.

Anonymous said...

My uncle just sold his grocery store that mostly caters to Jewish old ladies in Pikesville. We actually talked about this last year at dinner, and apparently the heat of horseradish changes every year! I think it has something to do with the horseradish crop or something. But anyway, there IS hope. Also, I used to work at America's Test Kitchen, and they did a test of supermarket horseradishes:

Kit Pollard said...

Interesting, tinyfridge! It makes sense, I guess, if you think about it - but I'm so accustomed to consistent everything that I wouldn't have thought of that!

Kit Pollard said...

Also - America's Test Kitchen? Coolest job ever!


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