Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rosy Future

The July issue of Bon Appetit is absolutely killer. It's worth buying for Francis Lam's dry-aging article alone. Great writing on a topic that I didn't know I'd find so interesting.

Here's something else that caught my eye: David Lynch's piece on rose. I can't find it online, but it's a two-pager that summarizes what rose is, how to best drink it and a few key types of rose.

Rose isn't a super new topic - at least not around our house, where I have been enjoying it liberally for more than a few years. (Sometimes too liberally.) But as much as I drink, I still learned a few new things from Lynch's article.

Most notably: ramato. Here's Lynch:
Here's another word to look for: ramato. It means "coppery," and it's typically attached to Northeast Italian Pinot Grigio that's taken on a deeper shade and tangier flavor as a result. It's the training-wheels version of the more robust and buzzy "orange wines."
Not that I need training wheels (Am I bragging about my capacity for rose? Not intentionally, but maybe.) - but I like the sound of this as a summer wine. Easy, tangy and new (to me).

Sign me up! (And buy the issue!)

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