Wednesday, June 05, 2013

NYC Recap

Last month, Cooper, Mike, Alicia and I spent a very fun, slightly rainy, completely exhausting weekend in New York. We stayed in Chelsea (super central) and got to hang out with a bunch of friends (Stacy, Eileen and Brad and my college friend Sumi), eat and drink really well, and generally have a great time. Like this:

Highlights included:
  • The seafood tower at Balthazar. Though overall, Balthazar isn't actually any better than Petit Louis, that tower was impressive. I wish Team Wolf-Foreman would put one on their menu.
  • The many floors of inspiration at ABC Carpet & Home. Seriously, that place is incredible.
  • Eataly. All of it. We had a fabulous lunch - short rib bolognese for Cooper and an asparagus, proscuitto and egg flatbread for me - at the Batali-Bastianich temple of Italian food. Everything about the place made me breathless - so many incredible ingredients, plus restaurants!, all in one place.
  • The impressive cheeriness of  the C. Wonder store. Just so happy.
  • A spicy Tanteo margarita. We visited Mike's college friend Jonathan in his Soho office, where his  tequila company is headquartered. Jonathan started the company a few years ago - he makes tequilas infused with a few flavors, including jalapeno. I'm a sucker for spicy drinks; the margarita he made us with the jalapeno tequila as killer.

Less fun parts of the weekend included being drenched by a jerk who drove through a puddle just to splash us (and I mean drenched) and realizing that we are old (that realization came while surrounded by about ten thousand 22 year-olds at Biergarten).

By the time we boarded the train Sunday morning, we were exhausted. I think I was still tired the following Tuesday. But it was a great time - there's just no place else like New York. It's a great place to visit.

And Baltimore's a great place to come home to.

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