Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Learning Something New Every Day: Orange Crushes

I spent this past weekend in Dewey with my sister and friends, celebrating my sister's upcoming wedding. The weekend involved many of my sister's favorite things (tax-free shopping, cover bands, oysters, beach time, one actual good night of sleep). Like most trips to Dewey, it also involved orange crushes. Lots of them.

Orange crushes...I'm a fan (and here's a good recipe). Here's a little flashback - from our trip to Duck in 2011:
So here's the crazy thing: I had no idea that crushes are a regional drink. I just assumed that everyone in the country drank them. I mean...they're delicious. Why wouldn't everyone drink them?

But as I discovered this weekend - when none of my sister's friends or Cail had ever heard of them - they're strictly a Maryland/Delaware thing. That realization was surprising - and yes, I'm proud.

Between crushes and crabs, we get all the good summertime stuff, don't we?


theminx said...

I'd never even heard of them until I started writing the book. And then it seemed like all of the frat-boy bars in Federal Hill specialized in them, so I think of it as frat-boy thing.

Kit Pollard said...

Well, Dewey IS pretty fratty. And I was pretty awesome at being a sorority girl so...I guess the shoe probably fits!

Sarah G said...

Yeah, they are, and yeah, we (Marylanders) have all the good stuff. :) One of the advantages of my (briefly)dating a star bartender at Fish Tales - he could make a perfect orange crush in about 10 seconds flat. lol

Kit Pollard said...

Sarah - that is also a good reason to take bartenders on vacation with you. Jeff's not coming with us this year (Christine is about to have a baby any minute). Which means we have to make our own crushes. BOO.


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