Tuesday, June 11, 2013

From the Sea

It's been seafood city at my house lately. 

First, Mike and Alicia brought home a ton of trout from Memorial Day
at Keuka Lake, so Cooper smoked a bunch of it:

Then Cooper spent an afternoon fishing on the Bay with his friend Tony. 
He came home with four rockfish filets that made outrageously good
rockfish ceviche (my own recipe):

And THEN we closed our our weekend with a bushel of crabs from Conrad's:

Mike, Alicia, Kyle, Mary, Bill, Jeff and Christine came over 
(we hadn't seen J&C forever...that was the official occasion for the crab feast).

The crabs were my first all year and they were awesome 
(the first of the year usually are).

We didn't quite finish them, so I picked the last 14 yesterday (took forever)
and made crab and fried chicken sandwiches (with the leftover RoFo).

Summer is here. And it tastes so good.

1 comment:

Sarah G said...

That trout looks so good! Save me some! :)


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