Thursday, May 09, 2013


This blog sure does suffer when I'm work-busy.Something has to, I guess.

Instead of a proper update, I give you this, the cheeses Cooper's parents brought
us from their recent trip to Germany (and possibly adjacent countries?):

The cheeses are somehow connected to the recent coronation in Denmark -
special promotional items, maybe?

At any rate, they were both mild and slightly tangy, with smooth textures.

The one on the left is topped with a spicy mustard. The one on the right...chocolate.

Yes, chocolate. And a fairly sweet milk chocolate at that.

The mustardy cheese packed a punch, but it was very good - with the Bargers' help,
we ate all of it.

The chocolate cheese was more of a novelty, though. It wasn't awful,
but it wasn't something I'd eat again (by choice).

But at least it was interesting.

And...congratulations King Willem-Alexander?


Sarah G said...

Yum! But is it legal to bring cheese into the country? lol

Kit Pollard said...

Patsy's a rebel. I think it was probably sold in a way that was legal - and she ASSURED me it hadn't been sitting in her luggage for too long.


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