Thursday, January 17, 2013

Trendy: Cynar

Cynar, the Italian-made bitter liqueur, definitely has next-big-thing status right now.

I started reading about it, here and there, maybe a year-ish ago. Now I'm seeing it pop up on menus and in recipes with more frequency.

So here's my question: are artichokes the new cucumber? That was my original thought.

But maybe it doesn't have anything to do with the vegetable angle. Maybe it's just that bitters are so incredibly hot right now, bartenders are busy searching out every single bitter liqueur the world makes.

Then writing about it.


Anonymous said...

You should try Bloomery Plantation Distillery's various flavors of limoncello. They make regular limoncello, raspberry limoncello, dark chocolate raspberry limoncello, cremma lemma (aka moonshine milkshake) and lemon ice (a hard lemonade. This stuff is awesome! The only drawback is that it is not available in Maryland, you have to go to DC or to their distillery in Charles Town WV. Where you get free tastings, Fridays & Saturday. Make sure you go on a day when the owners, Linda & Tom, are there. See their website


Kit Pollard said...

Very cool, Becky - thanks for the comment!


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