Friday, June 15, 2012

My Baltimore's Child Column!

I'm late in posting this - which is ridiculous since it's my own column - but for anyone who hasn't already seen it, my monthly food column for Baltimore's Child debuted in the June issue of the magazine.

The plans for the column are pretty far-reaching - anything related to food + parenting is fair game. This column, however, was mostly an introduction. An excerpt:
Food is complex. On one level, it’s a basic necessity: fuel for the body. For some people, their interest doesn't go very far beyond than that. But for most people today, food is much more than just a delivery mechanism for the calories we need to get through the day; it’s a way to explore new cultures, to learn about history and agriculture and how the world works.

Plus, bringing people together over a meal can strengthen existing relationships and create new ones. Food is educational, entertaining, creative, emotional and—best of all—fun.
So far, it's been fun to write. And research!

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