Thursday, June 28, 2012

Berger Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

About a month ago, we reviewed Dempsey's Brew Pub in Camden Yards.
Overall, we were impressed with the place - the food was good and everyone was friendly.

The whole meal was good, but the best part came at the end,
when our waitress told us about dessert. She listed a few options,
but I stopped listening when she got to "Berger cookie ice cream sandwich."

They were exactly as advertised - two of the most perfect Berger cookies I'd ever seen,
with ice cream in between.

Obviously, I had to make them at home.

So I made them one day when a bunch of people were coming over.
Everyone enjoyed them. Especially Maggie:

I was pretty casual about the construction - I just took two cookies,
put a scoop of ice cream in between and stuck them in the freezer.

When I pulled them, I realized I should've frozen the cookies first.
They were kind of a mess.

Plus, Berger cookies aren't aways perfectly frosted.
The ones at Dempseys were very pretty.
The ones in my kitchen were not.

But they tasted good. Oh, did they taste good.

So if you're looking for an easy to make, Baltimore-friendly, crazy delicious summer dessert...
make them. 

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