Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More From Michigan

Heading southeast from Detroit to Hillsdale, after passing Ann Arbor, the drive rolls through very small town after very small town. It's apparent, right away, that living in this part of the country is different from living on the busy East Coast.

Sam and Stacey, our friends in Hillsdale, can't quickly swing into Target or Trader Joe's to pick up a few things. But they have shopping options that we just don't have out here - like Joe's Country Store, where we stopped for steaks on our way from the airport to the house. Check it out: 

I am pretty sure Cooper would like to see a jerky HQ someplace around here.

It's hard to miss the store from the road:

There are more deer where that one came from, too.

And the steaks? Unsurprisingly, they were fantastic.

UPDATE: Fantastic and, as Cooper just reminded me, fantastically inexpensive. $12.99 a pound for ribeyes? Yeah, that's pretty reasonable.

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