Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Hour Friday: The Hangover

It happens to everyone. Everyone who drinks, anyway.

Even the most careful drinkers among us occasionally overindulge.
And when that happens, it pays to be prepared. Most of us are not
natural Mrs. Liliens (even her hangovers are glamorous).
That's why I just read this from cover to cover:

Milton Crawford knows what he's talking about. 
His recipes are simple and sound great, his writing is crisp and hilarious
and the book's design is fantastic. All of which is no surprise - Crawford is British.
The Brits are notoriously good at drinking.

But if your hangover leaves you feeling adventurous, National Geographic has you covered with

Strong green tea (China) or coffee (Italy): Absolutely.

Shrimp (Mexico): Sure, especially if it's attached to a bloody mary. 

A beer (Netherlands): Sometimes - I am partly Dutch, after all.

Sour pickle juice (Poland): Well, maybe.

Tripe soup (Romania): Oh come on.

But at least we've got options.


Bee (Quarter Life Crisis Cuisine) said...

Ohhh I NEED this book! My hangover cure is a good drippy egg on toast and a coca cola, haha

Kit Pollard said...

If possible, I like to go straight for a cheeseburger. And if you get up late enough, that's totally reasonable.


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