Monday, May 21, 2012

DISH by Shax Riegler

Plates are so pretty. So it's no surprise that Shax Riegler's book about them, the aptly named DISH, is quite lovely itself. Riegler, the features editor at House Beautiful, has made his way around the shelter mag world for two decades. He knows how to set a table. And how to write about what goes on that table.

The book includes a million photos of plates that are gorgeous and/or historically interesting (including my own everyday plates, plain white Apilco dishes from Williams Sonoma).

Here are a few of my favorites:

Minton oyster plate, circa 1851:

I love oyster plates in general - and this one in particular. Beautiful colors + amazing details.

Part of a tea service given to Martha Washington in 1796:

I love the states-in-links detail around the edges - and of course I think 
the letters W&M just belong together.

Wedgwood's Chinese Tigers pattern, circa 1915:

This design was inspired by foo dogs, which I love. And the color is just the best.

There's more to come from this book, too. I went on a scanning spree -
there's a lot to love between the covers!

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