Friday, April 13, 2012

Very Short Restaurant Reviews

Most of our restaurant dining these days is underwritten by the Baltimore Sun (see: list of reviews in the sidebar) - and that is awesome. It's fun to constantly try new places, even if some of those places require a little bit of a drive.

But since January, we have had a few non-Sun dinners out. My very - very  - brief reviews are below:

Towson Tavern: Went once, soon after opening, so they may have been working out kinks, though the service wasn't terrible. The bar crowd is older that usual for Towson - which means they're not in college anymore - and it's kind of subdued compared to, say, Souris'. The chef is from the Capital Grille, so it's not surprising that all the beef dishes were pretty great. The rest of the menu (and it's short, so we tried most of it) was not bad, but for whatever reason, none of the dishes had enough sauce. I like sauce.

Heavy Seas Ale House: Like TT, we went once and right after it opened - we were also with a huge crowd, and the restaurant was very accommodating. Beer cocktails: yes. Fleet of beer (like a flight but a fleet - get it): definitely yes. Charcuterie: always. Honestly, I don't remember the food all that much, but I do remember that we liked everything. The reason why I don't remember the food all that much? Three Parrot Bite cocktails + one Fire at Will, which was so boozy I almost passed out after one sip. And I swear, I am not even a lightweight. Four drinks doesn't usually render me unable to remember the meal.

Toss the Pizza: It's near my house, plus they deliver. The ingredients are awesome, and we love the pizzas, sandwiches and salads. If you don't like garlic, don't order the salads. If you like local artists and BYOB, and don't mind picking up your own food from the counter, go to the restaurant. If you don't, order. Highly recommended: the Toss Special for meat lovers, the proscuitto pizza for, well, meat lovers who also like fresh vegetables, the spinach and artichoke pizza for vegetarians. And the Greek salad for everyone (who likes Greek salad).

Finally, this isn't really a review, but if you have the chance to go to one of Beej Flamholz's underground dinners, you should. We went to the first one, in early February, and the food was amazing. The Urbanite review of the dinner does it great justice, though it says nothing of the moonshine our little part of the party got to sample - apple pie moonshine made by Liz and Nathan's neighbor - it was so sweet that Liz was calling it "ladyshine." So delicious I could've downed the whole mason jar. Because I'm classy like that.

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