Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Throwdown: Carry-Out Crab Cakes

I have to be honest - my favorite crab cakes are the ones I make myself. I'm not trying to be obnoxious, really, and I think there are good crab cakes all over Maryland, but I happen to be partial to my own recipe.

They're easy to make, but they require a little planning ahead - they're best when I prep them in the morning, or even the night before, and let them sit for a while before cooking.

Since I'm not really big on planning ahead for dinner - who knows what we'll feel like eating tomorrow? - I often find myself hunting down crab cakes from local shops. I've been mixing it up a little recently, buying from different sources, and last week we went all out with a throwdown - one dinner, four locally prepared crab cakes, one big winner.

Well, actually, Cooper and I together were probably the two real big winners.

The crab cakes came from Eddie's (the one on Charles Street), Ikan in Belvedere Square, Pappas in Parkville and Conrad's, also in Parkville. They don't vary a whole lot in price and, ultimately, they're all good crab cakes. But again, there can be only one winner. So how do they stack up? My handy little chart will tell you:
Even though it was the smallest cake, and even though it fell apart a little in the pan, Conrad's was the winner - thanks to its taste. The crab was just sweeter - more Marylandy.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'll turn down a crab cake from any of the other spots. I'm not that foolish.


Nakiya said...

I loved this post - I bet this was so much fun and so yummy! I really love the idea of a throwdown, I hope you do more of these!!!

Kit Pollard said...

Thanks, Nakiya! It was totally fun. Partly because yum, crabcakes and partly because I do love a nice chart built in powerpoint.

I'm feeling all Consumer Reportsy over here.


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