Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Hour Friday: Boozy Ginger-Lemonade

Some moms (good ones) build traditions with their children around storytime, or playground visits. At our house, traditions are built around cocktail hour. For real.

But in a responsible way! I set out a few snacks, turn on some music, then make a couple of drinks - a real one for me and a kiddie version for Dixon. It's fun.

Usually we reserve cocktail hour for Fridays, but this week was crazy busy by Tuesday, so we really  needed a little break. Plus, earlier in the day, I remembered that I had a bag of Meyer lemons in the fridge (a gift from Cooper's mom) that were probably getting soft. An idea was born.

I also had a bottle of ginger syrup (another Patsy gift), which seemed like a good fit for the lemon. Dixon found a spare can of lemon selzer in our downstairs refrigerator...and the cocktail was born.

For my drink: 1 shot of vodka, 1.5 tablespoons of Meyer lemon juice and about a half a tablespoon of ginger syrup, poured over ice and topped with selzer, then stirred vigorously. Very tart, very refreshing.

Dixon's drink was basically the same, minus the vodka and plus more selzer. He took his down immediately.

Just add Trader Joe's sesame honey cashews (so good!) and "Video Killed the Radio Star" on repeat (it's Dixon's new favorite song, as of this week). And there it is - recipe for a great Mommy-and-Me cocktail hour!

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