Thursday, December 29, 2011

Old School Thursday: All Ages Edition

Welcome to the last Old School Thursday of 2011! Today is Pepper Pot Day and National Chocolate Again Day and I have no idea what either one of those things mean. Fitting, I guess, since I’m never totally clear on the established days of recognition.

It’s also Robert C. Baker’s birthday (1921). Who is Robert C. Baker, you ask? A former Poultry and Food Science professor from Cornell – WHO INVENTED CHICKEN NUGGETS. The children of the world say thank you, Professor Baker.

And six years ago today, Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans reopened it’s doors, just four months after Hurricane Katrina forced it to close. I’m sure New Orleans isn’t exactly what it was before the hurricane, but its story is certainly one of resilience, isn’t it? Inspiring.

So celebrate today…with a chicken nugget po’boy maybe? Chicken nugget gumbo? Chicken nugget etouffe? Or maybe let the kids have the nuggets and keep the NOLA food for the grown-ups.

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