Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday-Friendly G&Ts

I'm pretty sure that's what this is. This, by the way, is a powerful-sounding gin, tonic and champagne cocktail created by Brooks Reitz, the guy behind Jack Rudy tonic, which I have been dying to try, but have forced myself not to buy because it is just so bloody expensive.

You know what makes me want to bite that bullet, though, and buy it? This quote from Reitz, in the Julia Reed piece introducing his new cocktail column at Fetch:
My biggest fear was making something ourselves and having it turn out not to be delicious - just because it’s homemade doesn’t always make it better.
Amen, brother.

Also in the Reed article: a brief aside about Plymouth gin being the favorite brand of the John D. MacDonald character, Travis McGee. I had no idea. My parents have just about the whole collection of Travis McGee books in their basement - all the titles have colors in them, and when I was little, I spent time trying to memorize all the books. I know, useful - but I'd be very prepared if I came across a JDM category on Jeopardy one day.

But back to that drink. It sounds intriguing - the ingredients are all things I like. The question is, would it be worth the hangover? Because when you're mixing gin and champagne, the morning after's gotta be a mess, right?

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