Thursday, November 17, 2011

Old School Thursday: Yeast & Preservatives Edition

Today offers all kinds of choices in the baked goods category. It’s National Bread Day and also the Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, patron of bakers. So there’s that. Plus, it’s National Baklava Day, so if you like your pastry phyllo-style, with a little honey, you’re in good shape.

In other news, today in 1749, Nicolas Appert was born. Nicolas Appert, you ask? Who’s he? Only the inventor of canning. Foodzie sellers and urban farmers everywhere owe him a major debt.

Fast-forward over two centuries: today in 1988 the first Wal-Mart Super Center opened in Wheeler, Oklahoma. I’m not much of a Wal-Mart fan myself – around here, it’s just about next to Target and Target is so much prettier. But I certainly appreciate the company’s efforts to provide lots and lots of stuff to lots of people, very inexpensively. Also, I appreciate that Wal-Mart gives small town kids something to do that doesn’t involve drinking in the woods somewhere. At least they can roam around the produce aisle.

So today, get your canning on! Also, your baked goods!

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