Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wine in Hungary

Art history, my college minor, sometimes gets a bum rap as an easy or fluffy discipline. It's true that it's no hard science, but it's more complicated than detractors think - and that's why I loved it. To truly understand art, you have to understand the politics, social history and economics of the time when it was created. At the very least.

This Food and Wine article reminds me that the same is true of the study of food and wine. It's about the current wine industry in Hungary and the story includes not just today's Hungarian wine personalities and an overview of the country's soil, but a crash course in the history of Hungarian grapes, from the 18th century to the 20th, a look at the science of grape genetics and a fairly in-depth look at the economic and cultural impact of communism and the Soviet bloc on Hungary's wine industry.

All that, in one little article. Read it.

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