Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Foodie Baby at Five

Today is National Mocha Day, but in bigger news at our house, it's Dixon's 5th birthday. He's a total grownup now, though it doesn't feel like so long ago that he ate his first real food (mashed avocado).

He did a lot of smiling in those first couple of months. So agreeable...until he learned how to talk.

At his first birthday party, he asked for a fork to eat his cake. That's my boy!

Just after his first birthday...when he still deigned to wear shirts with buttons.
Here he is at about one and a half - chopping play dough with my cheese knives, while I fix dinner.
Just before he turned two at the beach - I wish he still liked to rake that much.

This is one of my favorite pictures, from just after Dixon's second birthday, when we'd sit on the deck, drinking some tea and eating some cake.
Not really enjoying his first oyster, at three.

With his masterpiece, Christmas before last.

Everyone loves bacon. This is right before Dixon's fourth birthday.

In his natural state: Indy hat + weaponry.
And now, a full-on big boy.
Happy birthday, Dixon!

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