Friday, June 10, 2011

The Heat Makes Me Crazy

But it also makes me make delicious drinks - like Planter's Punch from the Peninsula Grill in Charleston (courtesy of Garden & Gun):
I made myself one of those yesterday and it was perfect - refreshing and also as tropical as the crazy steamy weather.

Today, I'm thinking about making one (or two, or three...) of these:

That's the Barefoot in the Park cocktail from The Surrey's rooftop bar (as seen on Tory Burch's blog). It sounds amazing and I'm pretty sure that I even have a bottle of guava nectar lying around here someplace, so I should be able to whip it up without breaking a sweat.

Cocktail-making in the heat isn't really all that crazy. It's practical - staying hydrated and all. What IS crazy, though, is how much the heat makes me want to shop. Right now, I am actively holding myself back from buying a new dress. I don't need a new dress - I have a trillion summer dresses. But it's so hard to remember that when I'm faced with the Milly website. I mean, just look at this:
And this:

It's so hard to say no.

But it is so, so much less spendy to stick to buying ingredients for summer cocktails. I just have to remember that, no matter how much the heat goes to my head!

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