Thursday, March 31, 2011

Old School Thursday: The Chicken and the Hotelier Edition

Today is National Clams on the Half Shell Day, which makes sense, since it is kind of shellfishy weather. I won’t be celebrating with raw clams though…because I just don’t like them. I like cooked clams and I like raw oysters but there’s something about the texture of raw clams that freaks me out. If you do like them, though, go to town.

For all you rednecks out there, it’s also Tater Day (for real) and for the British among you, it’s Oranges and Lemons Day (I can only imagine this has something to do with the bells of St. Clemens). Both of which sound and seem completely random.

In real news, today in 1848, William Waldorf Astor, cousin of John Jacob Astor IV, was born. William build the Waldorf section of the hotel that became the Waldorf Astoria, on the current site of the Empire State Building.

And in sad news, six years ago today, in 2005, Frank Perdue passed away. His father, Arthur Perdue, founded Perdue Farms, which is the 3rd largest poultry company in the U.S. and certainly the largest in the state of Maryland.

So today, to celebrate, how about high tea for the Waldorfs and Astors and a bit of chicken for the Perdues? And if you’re really feeling celebratory, there are always those clams…

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