Friday, March 25, 2011

Going on around Town

It may snow this weekend (ridiculous), but Baltimore's social schedule rages on, like it's actually springtime and people want to leave their houses to go do stuff. My inbox has been filling up lately, which means it's time for a "going on around town" post.

So here's what's up:
  • B&O Brasserie's new chef, Thomas Dunklin, has launched his new menu. Since the announced departure of Chef Reidt last fall, the restaurant has stuck with the old menu. But now spring is here, which means it's ideal time to start fresh. Unfortunately, Cooper and I can't make it to dinner there anytime soon, but if my FB friends are to be trusted (I think they are), the new food is pretty great. Especially the red velvet doughnuts. What could be bad about that? For descriptions and photos of some of Chef Dunklin's new dishes, check out B&O's Facebook page. The food looks really lovely and I'm sure it tastes at least as good as it looks.
  • On the more casual end of the food spectrum, the Mt. Washington Tavern is hosting a very family friendly grilled cheese cookoff from 2 to 4 PM on Sunday, April 10th. Several of Baltimore's own celeb chefs will be throwing down alongside several "regular" people (the "regular" winner will take home $200, a $25 gift card to the Tavern and a t-shirt). If you're interested in being one of those home cooks, you have until April 1st to enter (click the above link for more info). Tickets for the event are $10, which includes grilled cheese and a complimentary drink, plus lots of cool stuff for kids. And best of all, all proceeds go to Moveable Feast.
  • On Thursday, March 31st, Spike Gjerde (of Woodberry Kitchen fame, as if I had to mention that) will join other Baltimore community leaders to host INVOLVE: A Conversation about Localism and Community Responsibility. The event is part of Wide Angle Youth Media's annual "Who Are You? Youth Media Festival" gallery exhibit, which showcases artwork made by over 300 kids from Baltimore. The event takes place from 9 to 10:30 AM at CENTERSTAGE. Tickets are $25 and include a breakfast courtesy of Woodberry Kitchen (and they do have a nice breakfast!).
Lots to do these days!

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Laura said...

So much to do these days! The Grilled Cheese Cook-Off sounds like a great time and I'm really interested in the Involve discussion too - Wide Angle Youth Media is a wonderful organization and I'm a supporter of all they do! Thanks for being a great source of Baltimore info! Enjoy your hopefully snow-free weekend!


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