Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Things I Like Right Now

1. The idea of the Mexico City champagne cocktail, and most of the other drinks at Fashionably Bombed

2. This Kate Spade dress (sidenote: it would look terrible on me):

3. This Marc Jacobs clutch...I'd also like someplace to carry it. (via Mrs. Lilien):

4. Everything about this room, but especially the wallpaper and the cagey chair that looks a) like a pair of gladiator sandals and b) like it would immediately collapse if I tried sitting on it (via My Favorite and My Best):


strawberriesinparis said...

mrs. lillien is the best isn't she Kit???

Kit Pollard said...

Love her! After I read her blog, I am totally inspired to live the Mrs. life!

Sarah G said...

that cocktail looks AWESOME!! :)


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