Thursday, January 06, 2011

Old School Thursday: The Science of Meat Edition

Welcome to the first Old School Thursday of 2011 – otherwise known as Apple Tree Day, National Shortbread Day and National Bean Day. (All at once! That would make quite a pie, no?)

In other news, today marks the anniversary of the deaths of Gregor Mendel (1884) and Philip Danforth Armour (1901). Mendel, as all high school biology students should know, was a botanist who was the father of the science of genetics. His work (mostly with garden peas) provided the basis for the laws of heredity that seem so simple and obvious today.

Armour, on the other hand, was an industrialist and early proponent of refrigeration and meat canning. His Chicago-based company, Armour & Co., was at one point the largest meatpacker in the world.

So, today, to celebrate these men and the new year? How about genetically modified meat, wrapped in a shortbread and bean pie? Or…maybe not?

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