Thursday, December 02, 2010

Old School Thursday: Can You Make Batter & Fry Alcohol? Edition

I just discovered that last Thursday, which I skipped because it was Thanksgiving, was also temperance activist Carrie Nation’s birthday (1846). I hope she doesn’t mind that the Waskoms celebrated her birth with a cocktail throwdown and several bottles of wine (more on that later).

In that vein, today is St. Bibiana’s Day. She is the patron against hangovers and thus, I am a fan. It is also National Fritters Day – no specific type of fritters. Just fritters. Since I also like fried things, I’m a fan of this, too.

That’s about it for today, though. Not that it’s not enough – and not that it doesn’t give us some real room to celebrate. Fritters + booze? Yes please.

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