Thursday, October 21, 2010

Want: Wooden Eames Blocks

You know what these would've helped with?

This travesty of Christmas past:

And just one more shot, so we can all remember what a ridiculously overambitious pastry chef I am:

Still filing that one under "seemed like a good idea at the time..."

In any case, those blocks: aren't they cute? Wouldn't they make a fantastic baby gift for someone with designy parents?


Erin said...

actually, transforming the eames house into wooden blocks would negatively impact a child's understanding of structural properties (and differences) between wood and steel, re: how different materials act in tension and compression. You can say I'm being ridiculous but I just think it would be silly to show children an eames house model that didn't reinforce the light steel frame. something like knex would work better.

and that's my nerd rant for the day.

Pakistan Society of Nuclear Medicine - PSNM said...

thanks for sharing.


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