Monday, October 25, 2010

Parties I Want to Throw: Garden & Gun's Harvest Feast

Because this blog is basically a Garden & Gun fan site, I couldn't possibly get away without posting some photos from the magazine's Harvest Feast, a Sunday supper outside Birmingham, Alabama, benefitting the Alabama seafood town of Bayou La Batre.

The dinner was co-hosted by Land Rover, the food was by Chef Chris Hastings and his wife Idie, of the Hot and Hot Fish Club, and there was music by Greta Gaines.

Not being there, I can't report on how anything tasted or sounded, but I certainly can speak highly of how it all looked. Just check it out:

These look simple enough to make at home, even with store-bought salsa - and I love the on-the-chip presentation:

Nothing I love more than a long, long outdoor table:

Hello, pate:

Dinner was served as the sun went down:

Much of the cooking was done on-site, which is entertainment in itself, if you ask me:

Once it got dark out, the cafe lights reflected in the lake. You can't buy this sort of pretty:

And not only was it pretty, but it looks like everybody had a good time, too:

Definitely a party I'd be happy to attend...

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