Thursday, October 28, 2010

Old School Thursday: Legends & Nightmares Edition

Oh, today is a big one. First off, it’s National Chocolate Day. Chocolate. Not chocolate-covered insects or chocolate popsicles or even chocolate milk. Just chocolate. Which truly does deserve it’s own day.

On top of that, today is Escoffier’s birthday! Born in 1846, Escoffier was responsible for modernizing and codifying the cuisine of France – setting the standards that would define French cuisine, well, until now (say what you will about the new French chef – Escoffier’s still running a lot of the kitchens – and culinary minds – in that country). He worked all over Europe and in New York, wrote several books and helped found the Ritz hotels.

If that wasn’t enough, today is also the 91st anniversary of the passage of the Volstead Act (aka Prohibition). Not quite as celebratory an occasion as Escoffier’s birth, but hey, at least it was overturned.
So to celebrate? Chocolate, of course. And champagne. I’d just go with champagne.

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