Monday, September 27, 2010

Volcanoes, Army Guys & Superheroes

Dixon's fourth birthday is Wednesday, so we celebrated yesterday afternoon with a superhero/army guy/volcano party. Obviously. It was a little bit of a zoo, with 20 kids making their own superhero capes in the basement, then retreating to the yard to play (we were very, very lucky that the weather cleared up for the afternoon).

Dixon had an absolute blast and we actually had fun, too. Right now, he is playing with multiple gifts at once - showing an Iron Man action figure how to play a video game on his Leapfrog Explorer.

We kept the party food simple - just pizza from Fortunato's - but went all out with two cakes. Volcano cakes. On Saturday night, Alicia and Mike came over to bake and decorate the volcanoes. Prior to baking, Dixon had already decided on one Icelandic volcano: And one Hawaiian version:

The pictures really don't do the cakes justice. Per Dixon's instructions, Iceland was dormant and Hawaii was active - those Twizzlers are lava and the red hots are hot lava rock. Both volcanoes are being stormed by army guys and (not exactly to scale) superheroes. They were a mess.

A mess, but a total hit with the kids, who couldn't keep their hands off the cakes, even while I was cutting them. I think the biggest triumph of the party was that I didn't accidentally cut off any tiny fingers.

All in all, it was a huge success and a ton of fun. And I have an almost four year old, which is so hard to believe.

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